Geodataset Name:      RAILS
Geodataset Type:      SHAPE
Geodataset Feature:   LINE


This dataset contains a subset of The Rail Network, a network 
database of all mainlines, railroad yards, and major sidings 
in the continental United States. This dataset consists of 
network features in the State of Florida. 
DATA SOURCE(S):                   U.S. Department of Transportation 
				  Bureau of Transportation Statistics:
GEODATASET EXTENT:                State of Florida


Datafile Name : RAILS.DBF

Shape            9        SHAPELINE      0               
Version          2        CHARACTER      0             
Revision         2        CHARACTER      0               
Moddate          8        CHARACTER      0             
Linkid          10        DECIMAL        0              
Fips5            5        CHARACTER      0               
Country          1        CHARACTER      0              
Rrowner1         4        CHARACTER      0                
Rrowner2         4        CHARACTER      0             
Rrowner3         4        CHARACTER      0                
Tr1              4        CHARACTER      0             
Tr2              4        CHARACTER      0              
Tr3              4        CHARACTER      0              
Tr4              4        CHARACTER      0              
Tr5              4        CHARACTER      0             
Tr6              4        CHARACTER      0              
Tr7              4        CHARACTER      0             
Tr8              4        CHARACTER      0              
Tr9              4        CHARACTER      0              
Subsidrr         4        CHARACTER      0             
Abdn_rr          4        CHARACTER      0             
Orig_rr          4        CHARACTER      0               
Abandoned        1        CHARACTER      0              
Pass             4        CHARACTER      0              
Military         1        CHARACTER      0              
State            2        CHARACTER      0              
Fra_reg          2        CHARACTER      0             
Density         10        DECIMAL        4           
Rr_class         1        CHARACTER      0             
Signals          4        CHARACTER      0                
Railroad        31        CHARACTER      0              
Abdyr            4        DECIMAL        0  
Descript        50        CHARACTER      0            



ITEM                  ITEM DESCRIPTION
Shape		      Data attribute inherent to the ESRI shapefile format,
		      which defines the data as a point, polyline, or polygon.

Version               The VERSION is a 2-digit number that will be    
 		      incremented for all records in the database 
		      whenever a new release is distributed. In this 
                      release, the value is "02".                       

Revision              The REVISION is a 2-digit number that will be 
                      incremented individually for each record whenever  
                      a change is made to one of the fields, in 
                      this release the value will be no greater than  

Moddate               The MODDATE (or modification date) indicates when 
                      each record in the database was last changed.  As 
                      changes are made to record, the modification 
                      date is entered in the format 'yyyymmdd'.

Linkid                Unique Identification for each line

Fips5                 State/County FIPS Code 

Country               Country marker 
                      	A - United States
                      	C - Canada
                      	M - Mexico

Rrowner1              Reporting marks for the railroad owner -
                      an abandoned link is designated by the
                      value 'XXXX'. Rule 260 Codes used where available

Rrowner2              Reporting marks for a second or joint
                      railroad owner. This owner may also be a
                      previous owner when the ownership changes in the 
                      middle of a year. Rule 260 Codes used where available.

Rrowner3              Reporting marks for a third railroad owner. Rule 260

Tr1                   Abbreviation for the first railroad
                      having trackage rights.

Tr2                   Abbreviation for the second railroad having 
                      trackage rights.

Tr3                   Abbreviation for the third railroad having 
                      trackage rights.

Tr4                   Abbreviation for the fourth railroad having 
                      trackage rights.

Tr5                   Abbreviation for the fifth railroad having 
                      trackage rights.

Tr6                   Abbreviation for the sixth railroad having
                      trackage rights.

Tr7                   Abbreviation for the seventh railroad having 
                      trackage rights.

Tr8                   Abbreviation for the eight railroad having 
                      trackage rights.

Tr9                   Abbreviation for the nineth rail
                      trackage rights.

Subsidrr              Reporting mark of the subsidiary railroad Of the 
                      Owning railroad, rule 260 code.  At this time,
                      only the NS shows a subsidiary - SOU

Abdn_rr               The reporting mark of the last carrierto
                      own/operate the line, if known, rule 260 Code.

Orig_rr               The mark of the carrier owning the line in the 
                      near post-WWII period, rule 260 Code.  If the 
                      current owner or subsidiary road owned line the 
                      mark is not usually repeated.

Abandoned             Abandoned Flag
                      A - Abandoned, once in use
                      X - abandoned line,probably never used or  constructed

Pass                  Passenger Flag designating type of passenger 
                      service Military Flag designating importance of this line to the 
                      military - in this version, not complete

State                 State Postal Code

Fra_reg               FRA Region Code

Density               Density Code - in this dataset, all values = 0, or unknown. 

Rr_class              Railroad classification code
                      " " - not applicable, abandoned  
                      0 - not applicable, active
                      1 - Class I
                      2 - Class II
                      3 - Class III

Signals               Type of signaling system - in this version blank
                      CTC  - Centralized Traffic Control
                      ABS  - Automated Block Signals
                      ACS  - Automatic Cab Signals
                      ATS  - Automatic Train Stop
                      ATC  - Automatic Train Control
                      MAN  - Manual Block incl. Dark.
                      TTO  - Time table/Train Order

Railroad              Identification of the railroad owner as
                      provided in the original 1:100,000 scale data. 
                      The field may also contain the value "FRA ADDED" 
                      where the link was not contained in the
                      original data.                     
Abdyr                 Year abandoned, if known -incomplete inthis 
Descript              FGDL added item based on Railroad


The FRA reports the following fields as complete:
         Railroad Ownership 
         State/County (FIPS5)
         State Code
         FRA Regions
         Link Type (subject to change)
         Passenger Flag
         Abandoned Flag
         Billing Railroads
         Railroad Class
The FRA reports the following fields as incomplete:
         Density Code
         Military Flag - applied only in some states
         Abandonment Year
Also, the Federal Railway Administration (FHA) reports that as many nodes as 
possible have been identified with a name.  There are likely more that are not 
easily identified. Many nodes in the 1:100,000 scale rail network are 'mapped' 
to a node in the 1:2,000,000 scale rail network.  

Special note concerning trackage rights: In some cases, a 'short
line'railroad may operate on its larger railroad connection(s) as its 
billing railroad.  For example, the larger railroad(s) treat traffic
originating or terminating on the short line as if it were originating
or terminating its own line; perform the billing, car reporting, and car
tracking; then share the revenue with the short line.  These trackage
rights may exist as four, five, or six in the sequence, while one and
two remain empty.
The dataset provides location and attribute information for use in national and 
regional cartographic and network analysis applications.

A note concerning data scale:
Scale is an important factor in data usage. Certain scale datasets are not
suitable for some project, analysis, or modelling purposes. Please be sure
you are using the best available data.

1:24000 scale datasets are recommended for projects that are at the county
level. 1:24000 data should NOT be used for high accuracy base mapping such
as property parcel boundaries.

1:100000 scale datasets are recommended for projects that are at the
multi-county or regional level.

1:250000 scale datasets are recommended for projects that are at the
regional or state level or larger.

Vector datasets with no defined scale or accuracy should be considered
suspect. Make sure you are familiar with your data before using it for
projects or analyses. Every effort has been made to supply the user with
data documentation. For additional information, see the References section
and the Data Source Contact section of this documentation. For more
information regarding scale and accuracy, see our web pages at:



-Reprojected data to FGDL Albers HPGN (See "Map Projection Parameters" below)
-Upcased all character records
-Added Descipt item based on Railroad


Bureau of Transportation Statistics


In 2001, the Geoplan Center downloaded this data in shapefile format from the 
Bureau of Transportation Statistics website (
When received, the data was in Geographic projection, Datum: NAD83, Spheroid: GRS1980,
Units: Decimal degrees. The data was reprojected to FGDL Albers HPGN, the "descript" 
item was added based on the existing items 'railroad", and lowercase characters 
within the attribute table were upcased.


	Projection                           ALBERS
	Units                                METERS
	Datum                                HPGN
	Spheroid                             GRS1980
	1st standard parallel                24   0  0.000
	2nd standard parallel                31  30  0.000
	Central meridian                    -84   0  0.000
	Latitude of projection's origin      24   0  0.000 
	False easting (meters)               400000.00000
	False northing (meters)              0.00000


Name:      Bureau of Transportation Statistics               
Abbr.name: BTS          
Address:   400 Seventh Street, SW Washington DC 20590      
Phone:     1-202-366-data
Email:     answers@bts.gov


Name:                    Florida Geographic Data Library
Abbr. Name:              FGDL
Address:                 Florida Geographic Data Library
                         431 Architecture
                         PO Box 115706
                         Gainesville, FL  32611-5706
Web site:                http://www.fgdl.org
Contact FGDL:
      Technical Support:                http://www.fgdl.org/fgdlfeed.html
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