Geodataset Name:     CLAN99
Geodataset Type:     SHAPE
Geodataset Feature:  POLYGON


This dataset contains the Conservation and Recreation Lands dataset added up to December 1999.

DATA SOURCE(S):                     FNAI and GeoPlan Center
SCALE OF ORIGINAL SOURCE MAPS:      1:24,000, 1:100,000;
                                    1:250,000 (varies per source)
GEODATASET EXTENT:                  State of Florida


Data file Name: CLAN99.DBF
AREA        18         Decimal     5
PERIMETER   18         Decimal     5
CLAN99_     11         Decimal     0
CLAN99_ID   11         Decimal     0
NAME_A      50         Character   -
ATTRIBUTE   16         Character   -
NAME_C      60         Character   -
ALTNAME     60         Character   -
TYPE         8         Character   -
ALT_TYPE     8         Character   -
OWNER        6         Character   -
STATUS       1         Character   -
SOURCE       3         Character   -
ACRES       12         Decimal     2
HECTARES    16         Decimal     3
DESCRIPT    50         Character   -


item          item description
NAME_A        Aquatic Preserve Name - Only used for TYPE APR
ATTRIBUTE     Aquatic Preserve Land Type:  LAND, WETLAND, WATER
NAME_C        Conservation Land Name
ALTNAME       Alternative Name for either Aquatic Preserve or  
              Conservation Land
TYPE          Type of Conservation Land
          APR  =  State-Owned Aquatic Preserves
          CARL =  CARL Project
          CE   =  Conservation Easement
          COE  =  Corps of Engineers
          FCT  =  Florida Communities Trust
          FH   =  Fish Hatchery
          GW   =  Greenway
          HS   =  Historic Site
          IR   =  Indian Reservation
          LAND =  Land or wetland inside Aquatic Preserve Boundary
          LP   =  Local Park
          MR   =  Military Reservation
          NF   =  National Forest
          NM   =  National Monument
          NP   =  National Park
          NPR  =  National Preserve
          NS   =  National Seashore
          NWR  =  National Wildlife Refuge
          OP   =  Other Public Land (Airport, Etc.)
          OUT  =  Outparcel
          PPR  =  Private Preserve/Park
          SAS  =  State Archaeological Site
          SCS  =  State Cultural Site
          SF   =  State Forest
          SG   =  State Garden
          SGS  =  State Geologic Site
          SOR  =  Save Our Rivers Project
          SP   =  State Park
          SPR  =  State Preserve
          SR   =  State Reserve
          SRA  =  State Recreation Area
          UNK  =  Type Unknown
          WCA  =  Water Conservation Areas
          WEA  =  Wildlife & Environmental Area
          WMA  =  Wildlife Management Area
          WMD  =  Water Management District Land
          TPL  =  Trust for Public Land
          DELCARL = CARL project removed
          DELSOR = SOR project removed
          DELWMD = Water Management District project removed
          ACE  = Agricultural Conservation Easement *
          * Note: Conservation easement prohibiting urban development but   
                  allowing further agricultural development.
ALT_TYPE    Type for conservation lands that are multiple type - See type for
            description of codes
OWNER       Entity that owns or maintains the conservation land:
          FED    = Federal
          STA    = State
          LOC    = Local
          TNC    = The Nature Conservancy
          PRI    = Private
          SJWMD  = ST. Johns River Water Management District
          SRWMD  = Suwannee River Water Management District
          SFWMD  = South Florida Water Management District
          SWWMD  = South West Florida Water Management District
          NWWMD  = North West Florida Water Management District
          TPL    = Trust for Public Land
          UNK    = Unknown
STATUS    Listed Below
          E    = Existing
          P    = Proposed
          U    = Unknown
          L    = Land/Wetland Within Aquatic Preserve
          EX   = Land Removed From CARL or SOR Aquisition List
	  O    = Out Parcel
SOURCE    The source of the digital boundary data or hardcopy map:
        0       = Out Parcels
        1       = Water Management District Databases
        2       = CARL Project Boundaries
        3       = SJRWMD Database (CARL Project Boundaries - questionable
        4       = SFWMD Database (Save Our Rivers)
        5       = FNAI Coverages
        6       = Boundaries digitized by the Geoplan Center from 1:24,000 
                quad maps
        7       = Boundaries digitized by the Geoplan Center from 1:100,000 
                  quads provided by Friends of Florida
        8       = Geoplan Center - Aquatic Preserves Database
        9       = Geoplan Center - Map of Caloosahatchee ecoscape and Okaloochee
                  Slough from Tom Hoctor
        10      = Geoplan Center - plots recieved back from Regional Greenways 
                  Task Force meetings
        11      = Broward County: digital data
        12      = Charlotte County: survey hard copy
        13      = Flagler County: parcel hard copy
        14      = Hernando County Planning Dept: hard copy
        15      = Highlands County: hard copy
        16      = Hillsborough County: digital and hard copy
        17      = Indian River County: hard copy
        18      = Lee County: hard copy
        19      = Metro-Dade County Planning Dept: hard copy
        20      = St. Lucie County: hard copy
        21      = South West Florida Water Management District data
        22      = Volusia County and Lee County - Rookery Bay: digital data
        23      = Erik Johnson et al.
        24      = Red Hills Regional Map
        25      = US National Park Service, SE Region Land Aquisition Field
        26      = FL Game and Freshwater Fish Commission - Dan Miller
        27      = Florida Greenways Commission Community Action Survey
        28      = Loxahatchee Greenways Network data
        29      = Avon Park Airforce Range - GPS Boundary digital coverage
        30      = National Wildlife Refuge Maps
        31      = DEP Projection Location Map of River Rise State Preserve
        32      = State Parks Base Maps / Brochures
        33      = Atlas of Outstanding Florida Waters 
        34      = SW Florida Regional Planning Council Map
        35      = Map Corrections / Additions
        36      = Department of Forestry
        37      = Charlotte County G.I.S Department Digital Data
        99      = Unknown Source 
ACRES          Calculated from the polygon area as digitized using
               the equation Area(m^2)/4046.86.
HECTARES       Calculated from the polygon area as digitized using
               the equation Area(m^2)/10000
DESCRIPT       Description of the Status of conservation land (see Status)


This dataset was maintained at the GeoPlan Center until the fall 
of 1999, it was then transferred to the Florida Natural Areas 
Inventory (FNAI).
Aquatic Preserves Database
The Florida Aquatic Preserves GIS Database developed by the Department of Environmental Protection's Florida Marine Research Institute (DEP-FMRI) is not being distributed with Version 1 of the Conservation Lands Database at the request of DEP-FMRI. Those persons interested in obtaining this database should contact Leslie Ward at FMRI (813-896-8626).

Summary Statistics Issues
Some conservation lands straddle water management district boundaries. To facilitate initial database development, the entire polygon representing a particular park, etc. was included in only one of the water management district coverages. Hence, caution should be exercised in generating statistics from a single coverage for areas within a water management district. Similarly, some polygons in the database include both terrestrial and marine areas. Summary statistics for conservation lands within the St. John's River Water Management District and the South Florida Water Management district which were published with the final report of the Fla. Greenways Commission (December 1994) were calculated by subtracting the area of overlap with marine waters (by unioning the coverages with 1:100K DLG hydrography) from the areas calculated for the polygons in the conservation lands coverages. The final report summary statistics for area in aquatic preserves was calculated from the DEP-FMRI aquatic preserves database, not the aquatic preserve polygons found in this version.

**Accuracy and Appropriate Uses
This database was compiled to support the planning of a statewide greenways system by the Florida Greenways Commission and may not be suitable for other purposes. This is not a highly accurate database and it is inappropriate to utilize this coverage in Site Planning or other large scale modeling or analysis projects.

The original map scales and sources for much of the boundary data collected by others is unknown, hence the spatial accuracy of any given boundary is not known. 1:250,000 scale maps depicting the database have been reviewed by representatives of each of the water management districts, the Department of Environmental Protection, and several other state and federal agencies cooperating with the Florida Greenways Commission. The unofficial consensus is that the database offers a representation of the boundaries of existing and proposed conservation lands in Florida which is appropriate for regional and statewide planning.


-Set Precision to DOUBLE
-Set Tolerances to FGDL Standards
-Added DESCRIPT item based on TYPE



The conservation lands database was initially compiled and standardized from the existing digital GIS databases maintained by each Florida Water Management District. The compiled database was subsequently enhanced at the Geoplan Center by the
addition/standardization of attribute data (such as name, type, status, etc.). The Geoplan Center also corrected all boundary and location inaccuracies identified by reviewers. In addition, every effort was made to incorporate boundary changes precipitated by acquisitions and proposals which occurred as late as December 1998.

Digital/hard copy boundary and hard copy attribute data were contributed by the St. Johns River Water Management District, South Florida Water Management District, Southwest Florida Water Management District, Suwannee River Water Management District, Northwest Florida Water Management District, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Florida Natural Areas Inventory, Florida Game and Freshwater Fish Commission, Florida Department of Transportation, Florida Division of Forestry, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Forest Service, several local government agencies, and 1000 Friends of Florida.

Created by the University of Florida Geoplan Center and maintained through fall 1999. Maintenance by Florida Natural Areas Inventory began fall 1999.


1st standard parallel			24  0  0.000
2nd standard parallel			31 30  0.000
central meridian			-84 00  0.000
latitude of projection`s origin		24  0  0.000
false easting (meters)			400000.00000
false northing (meters)			0.00000


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