Geodataset Name:      BLKGRP2000
Geodataset Type:      SHAPE
Geodataset Feature:   POLYGON


This dataset contains 2000 Census Block Groups as they are defined by the Bureau 
of the Census. The data contains selected fields from the Summary 1 file 
that includes information on total population, race, sex, age, and household. 
Census Block Groups are geographic entities made up of Census Blocks and that 
are contained within the same Census Tract. Block Groups generally 
contain between 600 and 3,000 people, with an optimum size of 1,500 people.

DATA SOURCE(S):                   U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census


DATE OF AUTOMATION OR SOURCE:     Source 2000, Automated 2003

GEODATASET EXTENT:                State of Florida
Datafile Name: blkgrp2000.dbf

ITEM NAME         WIDTH        TYPE       PRECISION 

SHAPE               8          SHAPEPOLY      0                   
ID                  8          DECIMAL        0                    
FIPSSTCO            5          CHARACTER      0               
TRACT               6          CHARACTER      0                    
GROUP               1          CHARACTER      0               
STFID              12          CHARACTER      0                   
OID_                9          DECIMAL        0                     
STATE               2          CHARACTER      0                    
COUNTY              3          CHARACTER      0                    
TRACT_1             6          CHARACTER      0                    
BLKGRP              1          CHARACTER      0                     
STFID_1            12          CHARACTER      0                   
POP2000             9          DECIMAL        0                     
WHITE               9          DECIMAL        0                     
BLACK               9          DECIMAL        0                     
AMERI_ES            9          DECIMAL        0                    
ASIAN               9          DECIMAL        0                     
HAWN_PI             9          DECIMAL        0                     
OTHER               9          DECIMAL        0                     
MULT_RACE           9          DECIMAL        0                     
HISPANIC            9          DECIMAL        0                     
MALES               9          DECIMAL        0                     
FEMALES             9          DECIMAL        0                     
AGE_UNDER5          9          DECIMAL        0                     
AGE_5_17            9          DECIMAL        0                     
AGE_18_21           9          DECIMAL        0                     
AGE_22_29           9          DECIMAL        0                    
AGE_30_39           9          DECIMAL        0                     
AGE_40_49           9          DECIMAL        0                     
AGE_50_64           9          DECIMAL        0                    
AGE_65_UP           9          DECIMAL        0                     
MED_AGE            10          DECIMAL        1                    
MED_AGE_M          10          DECIMAL        1                    
MED_AGE_F          10          DECIMAL        1                    
HOUSEHOLDS          9          DECIMAL        0                     
AVE_HH_SZ          11          DECIMAL        2                    
HSEHLD_1_M          9          DECIMAL        0                     
HSEHLD_1_F          9          DECIMAL        0                     
MARHH_CHD           9          DECIMAL        0                     
MARHH_NO_C          9          DECIMAL        0                     
MHH_CHILD           9          DECIMAL        0                     
FHH_CHILD           9          DECIMAL        0                     
FAMILIES            9          DECIMAL        0                     
AVE_FAM_SZ         11          DECIMAL        2                   
HSE_UNITS           9          DECIMAL        0                     
URBAN               9          DECIMAL        0                     
RURAL               9          DECIMAL        0                     
VACANT              9          DECIMAL        0                     
OWNER_OCC           9          DECIMAL        0                     
RENTER_OCC          9          DECIMAL        0                     


ITEM          ITEM DESCRIPTION             

SHAPE         Data attribute inherent to the ESRI shapefile format,
              which defines the data as a point, polyline, or polygon.              

ID            Internal identification number      

FIPSSTCO      County identification code.
TRACT         Census tract number - all Block Groups are part of a larger Census 
GROUP         Group      

STFID         State + County + Tract + Block FIPS
OID_          Internal ID number     

STATE         State (FIPS)
COUNTY        County FIPS identification number             

TRACT_1       Census Tract
BLKGRP        Block group number.
STFID_1       State + County + Tract + Block FIPS      

POP2000       The total 2000 population for a tract.
WHITE         Number of people identified as white.
BLACK         Number of people identified as black.         

AMERI_ES      Number of people identified as American Indian, Eskimo, or Aleut.
ASIAN         Number of people identified as Asian 
HAWN_PI       Number of people identifided as Hawaiian or Pacific Islander.
OTHER         Number of people identified as belonging to a race other than
              white, black, American Indian, or Asian. 
MULT_RACE     Number of people identified as belonging to more than one race
HISPANIC      Number of people of all races identified as being of Hispanic origin.
MALES         Number of males.
FEMALES       Number of females.
AGE_UNDER5    Number of people 0 to 4 years of age.         

AGE_5_17      Number of people 5 to 17 years of age.
AGE_18_21     Number of people 18 to 21 years of age.
AGE_22_29     Number of people 22 to 29 years of age.      

AGE_30_39     Number of people 30 to 39 years of age.            

AGE_40_49     Number of people 40 to 49 years of age.            

AGE_50_64     Number of people 50 to 64 years of age.            

AGE_65_UP     Number of people 65 years of age and over.

MED_AGE       The median age of the entire population. 
MED_AGE_M     The median age of the male population.  
MED_AGE_F     The median age of the female population. 
HOUSEHOLDS    The number of households.      

AVE_HH_SZ     The average household size.     

HSEHLD_1_M    Number of one-person male households.
HSEHLD_1_F    Number of one-person female households.
MARHH_CHD     Number of households with a married couple and related children.      

MARHH_NO_C    Number of households with a married couple and no related children.
MHH_CHILD     Number of households with a man and children but no wife.
FHH_CHILD     Number of households with a woman and children but no husband.
FAMILIES      Families      

AVE_FAM_SZ    Average family size       

HSE_UNITS     Total number of housing units.
URBAN         Housing units urban   
RURAL         Housing units rural       

VACANT        Number of housing units that are vacant.
OWNER_OCC     Number of housing units that are occupied by the owner.
RENTER_OCC    Number of housing units that are occupied by renters.


Please note that the Summary 3 File data should not be joined
with this dataset.  It will work, however, comparing the population
numbers for individual blockgroups could result in problems
because of the nature of the sample.  An error was built into 
the Summary 3 File that is desgined to protect the privacy of

BLOCK GROUP (as defined by US Census Bureau)
A block group consists of all census blocks having the same
first digit of their four-digit identifying numbers within a
census tract. For example, block group 3 (BG 3) within a census
tract includes all blocks numbered from 3000 to 3999. BGs
generally contain between 600 and 3,000 people, with an optimum
size of 1,500 people. BGs on American Indian reservations,
offreservation trust lands, and special places must contain a
minimum of 300 people. (Special places include correctional
institutions, military installations, college campuses, workers
dormitories, hospitals, nursing homes, and group homes.) Most
BGs were delineated by local participants as part of the U.S.
Census Bureaus Participant Statistical Areas Program. The U.S.
Census Bureau delineated BGs only where a local, state, or
tribal government declined to participate or where the U.S.
Census Bureau could not identify a potential local or tribal
BGs never cross the boundaries of states, counties, or
statistically equivalent entities, except for a BG delineated by
American Indian tribal authorities, and then only when tabulated
within the American Indian hierarchy (see TRIBAL BLOCK GROUP).
BGs never cross the boundaries of census tracts, but may cross
the boundary of any other geographic entity required as a census
block boundary (see CENSUS BLOCK).
In decennial census data tabulations, a BG may be split to
present data for every unique combination of American Indian
area, Alaska Native area, Hawaiian home land, congressional
district, county subdivision, place, voting district, or other
tabulation entity shown in the data products.
For example, if BG 3 is partly in a city and partly outside the
city, there are separate tabulated records for each portion of
BG 3. BGs are used in tabulating data nationwide, as was done
for the 1990 census, for all block-numbered areas in the 1980
census, and for selected areas in the 1970 census. For data
presentation purposes, BGs are a substitute for the enumeration
districts (EDs) used for reporting data in many parts of the
United States for the 1970 and 1980 censuses and in all areas
before 1970. Also, BGs are the lowest level of the geographic
hierarchy for which the U.S. Census Bureau tabulates and
presents sample data.
A note concerning data scale:

Scale is an important factor in data usage. Certain scale datasets are not suitable 
for some project, analysis, or modelling purposes. Please be sure you are using the 
best available data. 

1:24000 scale datasets are recommended for projects that are at the county level. 
1:24000 data should NOT be used for high accuracy base mapping such as property 
parcel boundaries. 

1:100000 scale datasets are recommended for projects that are at the multicounty or 
regional level. 

1:250000 scale datasets are recommended for projects that are at the regional or 
state level or larger. 

Vector datasets with no defined scale or accuracy should be considered suspect. 
Make sure you are familiar with your data before using it for projects or analyses. 
Every effort has been made to supply the user with data documentation. For 
additional information, see the References section and the Data Source Contact 
section of this documentation. For more information regarding scale and accuracy, 
see our web pages at: 



-Projected to FGDL Albers HPGN (See "Map Projection Parameters" below).
-Merged all counties into a State extent
-Joined table SF1 to blkgrp00.dbf based on attribute STFID 




Data was originally released by US Census Bureau in 2000. Data was downloaded by 
GeoPlan in shapefile format from ESRI 
When received, data was in Geographic projection, Datum: NAD83, Spheroid: GRS1980,
Units: Decimal degrees.  The data was then projected to FGDL Albers HPGN 
(See "Map Projection Parameters" below).


Projection                           ALBERS
Units                                METERS
Datum                                HPGN
Spheroid                             GRS1980
1st standard parallel                24   0  0.000
2nd standard parallel                31  30  0.000
central meridian                    -84   0  0.000
latitude of projection's origin      24   0  0.000 
false easting (meters)               400000.00000
false northing (meters)              0.00000


Name:                   UNITED STATES CENSUS BUREAU 
Abbr. Name:             USCB 
Address:                United States Census Bureau
                        Tiger Mapping Service
                        Washington, D.C.  20233
Phone:                  (301) 457-1128 (Geography)
                        (301) 457-4100 (Customer Service)                       
Web site:               http://www.census.gov/ftp/pub/geo/www/tiger
                        ESRI Site:

E-mail:                 Tiger@census.gov
Contact Person:         Products and Services Staff, Geography Division
         Phone:         (301) 457-1128
        E-mail:         Tiger@census.gov


Name:                    Florida Geographic Data Library
Abbr. Name:              FGDL
Address:                 Florida Geographic Data Library
                         431 Architecture
                         PO Box 115706
                         Gainesville, FL  32611-5706
Web site:                http://www.fgdl.org
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