Geodataset Name:       ARTREF_SEP08
Geodataset Type:       SHAPEFILE
Geodataset Feature:    Point
Feature Count:         2439
Each point in this GIS data set represents a single deployment event (either a uniquely located artificial reef or deployments of the same reef on different days). Division of Marine Fisheries Management maintains and updates the source database. This data set represents deployments through September, 2008.
DATA SOURCE(S):                    Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), Division of Marine Fisheries Management (DMF)
GEODATASET EXTENT:                 State of Florida
PUBLICATION DATE: 200809 TIME PERIOD OF CONTENT: 200809 DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.fgdl.org/metadataexplorer/explorer.jsp


Datafile Name: ARTREF_SEP08.DBF
254 String
254 String
254 String
254 String
254 String
254 String
8 Double
8 Double
8 Double
36 Date
254 String
254 String
254 String
254 String
254 String
254 String
254 String
8 Double
8 Double
8 Double
8 Double
8 Double
8 Double
8 Double
8 Double
8 Double
8 Double
254 String
8 Double
8 Double
36 Date
254 String
36 Date
36 Date
8 Double
254 String
36 Date
36 Date
36 Date
254 String
254 String
254 String
50 String
36 Date
4 Geometry
4 Integer


Item Description
OBJECTID Internal feature number.

ID This is a unique number associated with each deployment record. It begins with the first two letters of the county name and a four digit numerical code assigned at the time this new field was developed in July of 2005. New deployments will be assigned sequential codes within the county and this ID number will not change.

REEF_SET This field is intended to identify one set of coordinates within a patch reef that can be used as a central identifier for each reef. All other deployments within that reef will be labeled "PATCH" reefs. This field is intended to be used to sort for the number of reef sites, not the larger number of reef deployments. This field has not yet been populated as of March 5, 2007 (it defaults to "CENTER" and once populated the DEPLOYNUM field will be deleted.)

COUNTY The Florida county nearest to the artificial reef project.

CONTRACT The FWC-DMF contract number, if the reef is a grant-funded deployment administered by DMF; if not, this field is blank.

FEDGRANT Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration Program grant number, if the project was funded by that source; if not, this field is blank.

GRANTEE_SP The recipient of the DMF or Federal grant; it may be other than the county, such as cities, non-profit organizations or universities.

TOT_AMOUNT Amount (in dollars) of the reef project regardless of who funded it. This should be a total of LOCAL and FWC amounts.

LOCAL_AMOU Amount (in dollars) of the reef project funded by local sources

FWC_AMOUNT Amount in (dollars) of the reef project funded by DMF or Federal grants. In cases where multiple deployments were funded with the same grant, the amount may not have made it into the final file for all deployments since text values were used to indicate where this information was recorded. Contact DMF for the original spreadsheet if this information is needed.

DEPLOYDATE The date the materials were placed offshore, if known. If only the year is known, then the last day of the year is entered (example 1988 would be 12/31/88). If only a month and year is known, then the last day of that month is entered (example July 1998 would be 7/31/98). 1/1/1900 is used if the deployment date is unknown.

REEFNAME The common name for the reef site. This may or may not be the name of the permitted site as several reefs may be within one permitted site. If a site is located within a shallow protected area, the word (BAY) is entered in parenthesis after the name. If the reef was unintentionally sunk offshore during a storm event or during war, the site is considered a wreck and a (W) if placed beside the name.

TYPE This is special type of reef that may be tracked, currently three types:
1 = WRECK (not intentionally placed)

2 = BAY (inshore Bay waters)

3 = MITIGATION (reefs placed for mitigation purposes)

PERMIT_SIT The common name for the permit site as it appears on the Corps of Engineers permits.

COE_PERMIT This is the Corps of Engineers active permit number for the site at the time of deployment.

MATERIAL1 The type of reef material that makes up the majority of that deployment. If it is a ship or barge, the size is given in feet (125'), if known. If the material is a prefabricated modular unit, the number of units is given in parentheses, (i.e. Reefballs (80)).

MATERIAL2 The second type of reef materials placed on the reef during that deployment.

MATERIAL3 The third type of reef materials placed on the reef during that deployment.

TONS The dry weight (in US tons) of the reef material deployed, if known.

VOLUMEFT3 Volume of reef material in cubic feet, if known.

VOLUMEYD3 Volume of reef materials in cubic yards, if known.

FT_PRNT_FT Footprint of the reef materials on the bottom in square feet.

LORAN1 The first set of LORAN time delay coordinates for the reef.

LORAN2 The second set of LORAN time delay coordinates for the reef.

LATITUDE North latitude in degrees, decimal minutes (DDMM.MMM)

LAT_DD Latitude coordinate in decimal degrees

LONGITUDE West longitude in degrees, decimal minutes (DDMM.MMM)

LON_DD Longitude coordinate in decimal degrees.

DESCRIPTIO This field contains a brief narrative description of the deployment and the name of the ship if available.

DEPTH Depth (in feet) to the bottom at the time of deployment.

RELIEF The height (in feet) of the reef materials off the bottom, also known as profile.

DIVE_DATE The most recent date that DMF divers visited the site; data are given in month/day/year format. This would be updated after the dive event and the previous dive date shifted to the field "PREDIVE1" if applicable.

GPS This field is a code to indicate which sets of coordinates available to DMF are presumed to be the most accurate, the latitude and longitude or LORAN. It represents how these more accurate coordinates were generated, if known. If blank, it is unknown how these coordinates were generated and which sets are most accurate. LORAN is assumed to be more accurate prior to about 1995. DMF staff used ASF corrections from the 1984 Defense Mapping Agency tables to mathematically calculate most of the non-field generated coordinates using the Andren Software LoranGPS program. Please note that all coordinates used to create the shapefile were the latitude and longitude coordinates.
WAAS = these lat/longs were taken with a WAAS unit on the reef

DGPS = these latitude and longitude coordinates were taken with a DGPS unit on the reef

GPS = these latitude and longitude coordinates were taken with a non-differential GPS unit on the reef

LOR = these LORAN coordinates were taken by LORAN unit on the reef

BOTH = Both sets of coordinates were given to DMF

PREDIVE1 The second most recent date that DMF divers visited the site; data are given in month/day/year format.

PREDIVE2 The third most recent date that DMF divers visited the site; data are given in month/day/year format.

DEPLOYNUM The number of discrete reef set, if greater than 1 then it is effectively the same site as above. A sort for "1" should return allow discrete reef sites (This field will soon be deleted in favor of multiple deployment date fields).

DEPLOY This is a "yes" or "no" field that indicates whether FWC-DMF staff were present for the deployment of the materials.

PREDIVE3 The fourth most recent date that DMF divers visited the site; data are given in month/day/year format.

PREDIVE4 The fifth most recent date that DMF divers visited the site; data are given in month/day/year format.

VOL_DIVE Dates that any non-FWC official dives were done on site.

COAST This field indicates whether the reef is in the Gulf of Mexico "G" or Atlantic Ocean "A."
A = Atlantic Ocean

G = Gulf of Mexico

STATE Whether the reef is in state (S) or federal (F) waters.
S = State waters

FED = Federal waters

SOURCE Where the current sets of coordinates were originally obtained.
1 = MPF, the FWC Materials Placement Forms, (Required by Chapter 370.25, Florida Statutes

2 = Dive date was an FWC field visit

3 = Pybase 97 was the Atlas of Artificial Reefs by Florida Sea grant 1997 (most of the records with blank values in this field also came from this source).

4 = Various monitoring grants to field truth locations or county staff.

DESCRIPT FGDL added field based on REEFNAME

FGDLAQDATE FGDL added field based on date downloaded from source

SHAPE Feature geometry.

AUTOID Unique ID added by GeoPlan

FWC-DMF has not independently confirmed most of the reef 
locations, and this data had been supplied from various sources 
without verification.
Two deployment locations did not have latitude and longitude 
coordinates in the spreadsheet, so those deployments are not 
represented in the GIS data. Items of incorrect data type for the 
fields (such as text data in a date field) were not converted. If 
an item is questionable, see the original source file from DMF.
GeoPlan relied on the integrity of the attribute information within
the original data.
Prior to July 1, 2004, the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute (FWRI) 
was known as the Florida Marine Research Institute (FMRI). The institute 
name has not been changed in historical data sets or references to work 
completed by the Florida Marine Research Institute. The institute name 
has been changed in references to ongoing research, new research, 
and contact information.

These data are also known as "Florida Artificial Reef Deployment Database."

Note: if these data are converted to shapefile, null values in number fields 
will be converted to zero. This will hide any true zero values.

This data set is for display purposes only.  Do not use it for navigation.  
Each point location is intended to represent a single deployment event, 
defined as either different location coordinates or the same coordinates 
but on different days.  It is important to note that DMF has not independently 
confirmed most of the reef locations and this data had been supplied form 
various sources without verification.

Original coordinates were in decimal minutes with 1/1000 minute 
precision (xx.xxx minutes), but data have not been verified or field 
checked by DMF or FWRI.

This data is provided 'as is' and its vertical positional accuracy
has not been verified by GeoPlan

Acknowledgement of the FWC-FWRI (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation 
Commission-Fish and Wildlife Research Institute) as the data source, and the 
originator FWC Division of Marine Fisheries, would be appreciated in any products 
developed from these data, and such acknowledgment as is standard for citation 
and legal practices for data source is expected by users of this data.  Please cite 
the original metadata when using portions of the record to create a similar record 
of slightly altered data, such as reprojection. If any data are modified or adjusted, 
please share the edited information with FWC. Users should be aware that comparison 
with other data sets for the same area from other time periods may be inaccurate due 
to inconsistencies resulting from changes in mapping conventions, data collection, 
and computer processes over time. FWC shall not be liable for improper or incorrect 
use of this data. These data are not legal documents and are not to be used as 
such.  This is not a survey data set and should not be utilized as such. These 
data are not to be used for navigation.

The Florida Geographic Data Library is a collection of Geospatial Data
compiled by the University of Florida GeoPlan Center with support from
the Florida Department of Transportation. GIS data available in FGDL is
collected from various state, federal, and other agencies (data sources)
who are data stewards, producers, or publishers. The data available in
FGDL may not be the most current version of the data offered by the
data source. University of Florida GeoPlan Center makes no guarantees
about the currentness of the data and suggests that data users check
with the data source to see if more recent versions of the data exist.

Furthermore, the GIS data available in the FGDL are provided 'as is'.
The University of Florida GeoPlan Center makes no warranties, guaranties
or representations as to the truth, accuracy or completeness of the data
provided by the data sources. The University of Florida GeoPlan Center
makes no representations or warranties about the quality or suitability
of the materials, either expressly or implied, including but not limited
to any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular
purpose, or non-infringement. The University of Florida GeoPlan Center
shall not be liable for any damages suffered as a result of using,
modifying, contributing or distributing the materials.

A note about data scale: 

Scale is an important factor in data usage.  Certain scale datasets
are not suitable for some project, analysis, or modeling purposes.
Please be sure you are using the best available data. 

1:24000 scale datasets are recommended for projects that are at the
county level.
1:24000 data should NOT be used for high accuracy base mapping such
as property parcel boundaries.
1:100000 scale datasets are recommended for projects that are at the
multi-county or regional level.
1:125000 scale datasets are recommended for projects that are at the
regional or state level or larger.

Vector datasets with no defined scale or accuracy should be
considered suspect. Make sure you are familiar with your data
before using it for projects or analysis. Every effort has been
made to supply the user with data documentation. For additional
information, see the References section and the Data Source Contact
section of this documentation. For more information regarding
scale and accuracy, see our webpage at:

FWC-FWRI (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission 
Fish and Wildlife Research Institute) 

The data were acquired as an Excel spreadsheet from the DMF. Some 
data fields contained numbers formatted as text or other field inconsistencies. 
These were corrected when possible. This spreadsheet was then imported 
in to Access and the coordinates in decimal degrees were converted to a 
personal geodatabase feature class using the "Add X,Y" function in ArcMap 
9.1. This feature class was reprojected to FWRI Albers and loaded into ArcSDE.
Process Date: 200809

GeoPlan received this dataset from the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute (FWRI) via email on 10/08/2008. The data was received as a shapefile in projection: Albers, NAD 83, GRS 80. The dataset was then projected from NAD 83 to FGDL Albers HPGN. - Reprojected data to FGDL Albers HPGN - Added a DESCRIPT field to attribute table based on REEFNAME - Added a FGDLAQDATE field based on date of download from source - Renamed file from artificialreef_fl_point to artref_sep8 Process Date: 20081009
Data imported to ArcSDE and exported as a shapefile. Process Date: 20081021

Projection                          ALBERS
Datum                               HPGN
Units                               METERS
Spheroid                            GRS1980
1st Standard Parallel               24  0  0.000
2nd Standard Parallel               31 30  0.000
Central Meridian                   -84 00  0.000
Latitude of Projection's Origin     24  0  0.000
False Easting (meters)              400000.00000
False Northing (meters)             0.00000


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